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Ryan turned to the Beedrill who had stung Valorie, roaring his battle cry and charging forwards. He was behind them...Dratini was shielding her owner, but Beedrill was closing in on her...with another 3 behind that one, Ryan was not going to let this happen anytime soon! Charging from behind Dratini and Valorie, he leapt straight over them both and launched his Thunderbolt at the 4 Beedrill, catching them by surprise and hitting them all square on. They fell, buzzing feebly to the floor and Ryan turned to Dratini. "Are you okay Dratini? How's Valorie? Does she have any medicine in her bag?"

Selene scrabbled over the web, wincing slightly as she felt a Spinarak bite at her ankle. Not even wanting to begin to think about what weird and terrible poisons would be in her system now, she struggled with the web until Bri got a side ripped open. Growling, she screamed out and pulled on the web whole, unsettling the pokeballs within it. She winced as something bit her again, feeling legs grip onto her own...then everything was cold. Blu screeched and shot an accurate Ice Beam at the Spinarak, flying around the tree and shooting any who looked to be making their way towards Sel. He then flew over to where Bri was hanging from the branch, gripping the back of the boy's jacket in his feet and hauling him upwards back onto the branch - he may not look like it, but he could carry heavy weights whilst flying very easily.

In the meantime, Ri had used his strength and nimble movements to climb the tree, punching away any Spinarak who tried to attack him. He made it up to the web and, using the speed in his arms, reached in and pulled out PokeBalls, throwing them down to the ground randomly, not caring what was inside them. Selene looked down at the ground and sighed in relief as she saw Sharpay there...but she was still injured! She began throwing Water Gun attacks at the Beedrill in range but couldn't move. And Valorie...Valorie was on the floor! NO. This just couldn't be!

Making sure that Gordon was holding his own against the bug Pokemon - more so, he looked like he was having the time of his life - Selene tried to move but hissed as her ankle screamed in pain as she braced weight on it at a strange angle. Blu turned to her, taking a hold of her shirt and floating down to the ground. Staggering slightly, Sel transferred her weight to her good ankle. Valorie was was Jack...Bri was still up the tree and Mark...Mark was there.

Grabbing her berry box with trembling fingers, Selene dug around in it. Pecha Berry, Pecha Oh fiddlesticks. She looked between Jack and Valorie...she was closer to Valorie, but they both needed help...what could she do? Split it in half? That couldn't was hollow inside, there wasn't much of the berry as it was...grimacing, she practically collapsed next to Valorie, moving her shaking fingers to her lips. "Come on Valorie...please eat it..." she said quietly, wincing as she heard Ryan's Thunderbolt attack used right next to her. "This will help you..."

Gordon turned, seeing Jack and Blade in trouble, Thyme having tailed the Ariados. Swinging through the trees, he landed in front of them as Blade was tending to his trainer, using his Incinerate on a few Spinarak who were edging closer to them. How many freaking bugs were around here?! "YOU NEED TO FLY JACK TO A POKEMON CENTRE!" he shouted to Blade inbetween attacks, "GO! WE CAN SORT IT HERE!"
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