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Quote originally posted by hinkage:
You reference @move1 but the org is @move2.

That's all I've got. It looks fine besides that, the @move1 you reference must be blank data, since you never defined it.

Ok yea i saw that and fixed it since my last post, but im glad to say i now got the script to work where the trainer comes to me when i step on the script tile, he battles me but after he is supposed to say a line and walk away. He does not say anything and is just facing me, can't talk to him, only can walk away and back onto the script tile then he says see ya later and walks away..

Is there anyway to fix this new almost there!

My new script!

#Dynamic 0x71A3B0

#ORG @Main
showsprite 0x3
applymovement 0xFF @move
waitmovement 0x0
applymovement 0x3 @move2
waitmovement 0x0
trainerbattle 0x0 0x001 0x0 @before @defeat
checkflag 0x1008
if 0x1 goto @Main2
setflag 0x1008

#Org @Main2
Message @test
Boxset 0x2
applymovement 0x3 @move3
waitmovement 0x0
hidesprite 0x3
setvar 0x4099 0x1

#org @move
#raw 0x62
#raw 0x0
#raw 0xFE

#org @move2
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1
#raw 0x1E
#raw 0xFE

#org @move3
#raw 0x20
#raw 0x20
#raw 0x20
#raw 0xFE

#org @before
= hey lets battle!

#org @defeat
= You taught me!

#org @test
= Well I have to go!