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...I now need to do something with those disguised people now - thanks for making Steven a murderer, folks. I just need to find as many of them as I can.

In any case, here's a ridiculous theory trying to instill some logic into this game before I head back to play:

Team Ambar wants to use the ghost scope to tap into the ridiculous amount of energy floating around in ghost space or whatever and will use this energy to fire at the sun. This will 'inflate' the sun by increasing the number of solar flares - eventually leading to lack of communication and eventual mass hysteria. With this chaos it would be easy to tap into the power grid and use it to 'power up' they're Electric Type Pokemon.

Or they just don't have a damned clue.

P.S. If we go by the date I originally posted the first thread for this LP, then the LP is over two years old...



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