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Update 5:

Grinded for a while, managing to get Clifford up to Level 49 to evolve her.
Pushed my way through Victory Road to the Pokemon Center before the Elite Four.

Next update, I will be through them all!

Adwaita - Level 56 Brave Female Wartortle
Moves: Rain Dance, Water Gun, Bite, Hydro Pump

SuzumeBchi - Level 50 Timid Male Beedrill
Moves: Pursuit, Pin Missile, Endeavor, Cut

Clifford - Level 51 Bashful Female Arcanine
Moves: Bit, Extremespeed, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower

Nessie - Level 35 Naughty Female Dragonair
Moves: Slam, Surf, Dragon Rage, Twister

Astrope - Level 36 Naive Magneton
Moves: Thundershock, Lock-On, Sonicboom, Spark

Eous - Level 42 Modest Male Ponyta
Moves: Ember, Stomp, Solarbeam, Strength