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Oh so to power up electric Pokemon solar-ly... It makes sense coming from Baro.

*world explodes and implodes*

Anyways if I were able to I'd make a full Corna map styled like this Hoenn map: here using in game maps, but I don't know how. I'd also do it for my ROM Hacks, like a progress update. The reason for the map because it's to celebrate Yuoaman's completion of Quartz that's been going on for two years. I started playing Quartz on November 2006, and didn't finish until April 2007 since I downloaded a patch were you couldn't enter Quartztower Town. I also had to download a new ROM since I didn't know what IPS patching was but with thanks to TehRizzle, yada yada blahdalah, finish main game.

Nuff said, I'll be able to see how your LP of Quartz ends tomorrow and it gets awesome with it being on my birthday too as if it were a birthday gift! :D Gotta go, watching Final Destination 3 screening with people I know on another forum in half an hour!
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