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Hmm. I was wondering that too. The sprite idea is pretty good. Maybe I'll try something like that.
Since I do plan on transferring records with a couple friends I'm trying to keep it pretty simple.
But I'll look into the more complicated methods for this too like the others you mentioned.

Then again, in the end I might just suck it up and deal with 16. xD


And thanks to everyone else too. I appreciate it.

I decided to just go with map editing since it'll only be with a few friends. I'll just have the bases edited on the rom we all use.
I edited my base to my likings and put in some items I know I wouldn't really want to change.
Worked out fine.

I have one little issue though.

I removed one of the rocks in the base - I'm sure the rocks are basically to represent spots for an NPC to appear in other people's games when you want to fight the person in their base.
I was using AdvanceMap by the way. I moved the trainer sprite to a completely different location and then removed the rock.

Yet, I still can't put items in that spot?

Anyone know how to fix this? It isn't the worst thing because I can always just use the mapeditor to place something there, but I'm just wondering what's up with it.
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