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Quote originally posted by jdthebud:
Hey, I'll try this!

Name: Jdthebud
Game: FireRed
Ultimate: maybe

How do you determine the moves, anyway?

I use this Metronome Generator. For 5th Gen, I'll pick 'em myself.

  1. Megahorn
  2. Wing Attack
  3. Rapid Spin
  4. Constrict
  5. Agility
  6. Transform
Quote originally posted by seren:
I'm feeling a bit insane, so I'll give it a shot as an ultimate...

Name: Seren
Game: Blue/Gold/Emerald/Diamond/White
Ultimate?: Yes

  1. Rain Dance
  2. Growth
  3. Whirlwind
  4. Psybeam
  5. Confusion
  6. Guillotine
Quote originally posted by Sammuthegreat:
Could I have a move list please? I'll do my best to do the challenge, although I'm extremely busy at the moment so can't promise anything.

Name: Sammu
Game: Soul Silver
Ultimate? No

No problem. ;]

  1. Flamethrower
  2. Magical Leaf
  3. Light Screen
  4. Astonish
  5. Rock Slide
  6. Ice Beam

Time for my update.

  • So, I started up Emerald
  • Named myself Sire

  • I adjusted my clock to the right time
  • Then I visited May
  • I then saved Professor Birch, picking Treecko

  • Nicknamed Treecko Thasos
  • After killing one and tediously trying to get a decent nature, I finally caught a Ralts with a Naive nature, which I thought was good enough (found 6 Seedots and only 3 Ralts)
  • Nicknamed him Complectus

  • Helped out Wally, then went through Petalburg Forest, beating the Team Aqua member
  • Obtained Cut
  • Beat Roxanne

  • In the process, Thasos evolved into Grovyle

  • Caught a Taillow with a good nature after two tries, nicknamed Hirundo

  • Helped out the Devon guy again, beating the Team Aqua member for the second time

  • Got Steven's letter and the Pokenav
  • Defeated May


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