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Originally Posted by Sire View Post
I use this Metronome Generator. For 5th Gen, I'll pick 'em myself.
  1. Megahorn
  2. Wing Attack
  3. Rapid Spin
  4. Constrict
  5. Agility
  6. Transform
Transform? Constrict? Rapid Spin? Really?

anyway, here are my choices:
  1. Megahorn - Nidoking
  2. Wing Attack - Pidgeot/Scyther
  3. Rapid Spin - Blastoise/Starmie
  4. Constrict - Tentacruel
  5. Agility - Pidgeot/Raichu/Hitmonchan
  6. Transform - Ditto (wow. just wow.)
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