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Originally Posted by YusaiMoto View Post
what emulator do you use and what settings for it
Well, for my Pokemon Neo SoulSilver I use No$gba with No$zoomer. That the only way the game with get past the AP crap. And for Yin Black & Yang White and Sol Platinum. I use the No$gba without No$zoomer.

As for the settings, this what I usually have mine on.

GBA Mode == VGA (poppy bright)
NDS Mode == Nintendo DS (normal 4MB)
Emulation Speed, LCD Refresh == -Realtime, Auto
Reset/Startup Entrypoint == GBA BIOS (Nintendo logo)
Topmost Display Lines == -Display Normal
Sound Output Mode == Digital Stereo
Sound Desired Sample Rate == -High (44kHz) (best)
Video Output == 24bit True Color
Emulate BIOS Functions == By real GBA.ROM (accurate)
Solar Sensor Level == Bright Sunlight
GBA Cartridge Backup Media == -Auto
NDS-Cartridge Backup Media == -Auto
Multiboot Port == -None/Disabled
Multiboot Completion == -Auto-close Upload Box
Multiboot Normal/BurstDelays == -Medium/Medium (stable)
Game Screen Filter == None (fast)
Decompressed Help File == Delete after Usage
Create Game Window at == Upper/right of Debug Window
Game Screen Sizing == Strict
IIgame_size == normal
Number of Emulated Gameboys == -Single Machine
Link Gamepaks == -Gamepaks in all GBAs
Link Cable Type == -Automatic
Performance Indicator == -Show Timing only if <>100%
Autosave Options == -Nope
Load ROM-Images to == -All machines

This is basically a copied and paste from my No$gba notepad, it all effects what happens on your emulator.

Also keep in mind, for Yin Black & Yang White and Sol Platinum, you don't have to run your emulator from.
Reset/Startup Entrypoint == GBA BIOS (Nintendo logo)

Instead, go to option and change it to it'll looks like this.
Reset/Startup Entrypoint == -Start Cartridge directly

And of course, you'll still need the cheat codes to bypass the blue screen for the Black & White mod.

Anyways, I hope this helped you.
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