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Originally Posted by callumjames3 View Post
Still no evolution. I repatched the rom, and nothing happened differently. Im not sure if it applies to all pokemon or just Chimchar, I do know that the rom is clean and pokemon evolve normally usually. I liked the rewording of some of the commands btw. The one in which all your pokemon faint was especially funny.
Yeah...Ya know, somebody else on another website had a problem with his Magmar evolving on my black & white mod. Have any of you other Pokemon evolved yet? I'm gonna see if I can fix this bug.

As for the command thing, thank ya, thank ya, thank ya. LOL
Yeah that was cool. You can also that text change in Neo SoulSilver, as well! Too bad I couldn't implement it into the black & white game. Oh, well guess ya can't have your cake and ice cream everytime.
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