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About the Pottermore thing, maybe the checking the boxes as to what movie's you've seen or books you've read tells you when you'll be getting your acceptance email. The more diehard a fan you are, the earlier you're going to get your email. ^_^

But that's just a theory. It may or may not be true. :/

As for the sorting process, maybe it'll go and ask questions based on your personality, and give you questions like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Such as "a hand comes out of a toilet, what do you do?" But knowing my luck I'll be given Hufflepuff. They don't get as much recognition in any sense, except the whole ordeal with the Dementors in Prizoner of Azkaban or Cedric Diggory.

Or maybe it'll be like you walk in the sorting hat tells you of your greatness you whisper "not slytherin" and it tells you that you'd be great there and then you get put in Gryffindor idk the Philosopher's Stone was on last night.