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Simply put, I need help with a Pokemon Center script.
I'm using FireRed for the rom and XSE for my scripts.
I have two questions, the first one being more important than the second.

Here's the situation:
I am trying to make the hero go to a Pokemon healing location every single time they white out from a trainer battle or wild-battle.
My game is centered around a single map, so technically, I only wish to use 1 or 2 healing places.

My problems arise from reasons I cannot find solutions for on the Internet:

Problem 1. The level scripts have me confused when setting the healing place.
Bear in mind that I have a rough understanding on how level scripts work.
I wouldn't be surprised if this was my source of error.
For one map, I placed these 2 level scripts:
#org 0x9061DB
sethealingplace 0x1

~ and ~
#org 0x1BC05C
special 0x182

The player walks through that map first.
He/She then takes the stairs (warp) down a level into another map with these 2 level scripts:

#org 0x1BC05C
special 0x182

~ and ~
#org 0x16A2CB
sethealingplace 0x2

I should mention that I am certain that I have the correct script type in A-Map.
The script at 0x1BC05C is categorized as "On entering map/on menu close"
The script at the other place is categorized as "on entering map/not on menu close"

It is in this map (the second one) where I have my "Pokemon Center."
However, it is not the same layout as the original one; the map is expanded and Nurse Joy is moved to another location.

The main problem arises when I go to another map and "white-out."
Instead of returning to the Pokemon Center (as described above), I end up at a glitched location.
At the glitched location, the automatic healing begins and ends, with a messed up healing screen (the TV) and no pokeballs showing up in the invisible machine.
I have yet to find the particular map that I end up in after whiting out (just my luck: there isn't a warp to take).

I have no clue how to fix this

Problem 2. The location of "Nurse Joy" and her healing script is not in the exact position as the original "Pokemon Center." Rather, I have created a new map and placed "Nurse Joy" in another location.
I notice that when I manually go to heal my Pokemon (so, when I go heal without whiting out), the television icon in the back does not fully light up (only the bottom half does) and the Pokeball icon does not show.
Perhaps this problem is caused by me moving Nurse Joy to another location?

I honestly have searched through the simple help thread and this thread, but the things I've found have not helped me fully.
Yes, I've used the search function, but that didn't help much.
I am still a "noobie" at this stuff, so likewise, I am not surprised that such error showed up.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
I am willing, wholeheartedly, to listen to any advice from the more experienced people on this forum.
Thank you for taking the time to read all this, and hopefully, responding with helpful advice.