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Slytherin is supposed to be ambitious and cunning, Gryffindor is brave and loyal, and Hufflepuff is supposed to be hard-workers. Basically. I'm actually having a lot of fun reading them up on a HP wiki.

But the actual questions you get in PMD can influence your result :( So if there are loads of set questions and you only get, say, 10 of them, it could just so happen that the answers for those 10 you give are Hufflepuff answers, when with another set of questions you could've picked more Gryffindor :/ Just anything but Hufflepuff I'll be satisfied in.

Originally Posted by Xyrin View Post
Hopefully it won't be those stupid quizzes where you can tell what question is for which. Like "Somebody is in pain and was hit by a dangerous spell, what do you do?

1.Go get a teacher to heal him
2. Heal him yourself
3. Stand around saying "Durrrr"
4. Laugh of him"

Some of those are... Erm.. Yeah....
Yeah, those quizzes are awful