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Ok i know it is nooby for the lvl but these are the pokemon
1:Bronzong lvl 44
2:Infernape lvl42
3:Roserade lvl 43
4: Dialga lvl 49
5taraptor lvl40
6:Golduck lvl 40

Pokemon in storage(Day care)
1:Luxray lvl 36
2:Clefable lvl 36
Bronzong : Psychic,Payback,Gyro Ball,Flash cannon Item: Full Incense
Infernape:Flame Wheel,Close Combat,Cut, Rock Smash
Roserade:Leech Seed,Grasswhistle,Sludge Bomb,Giga Drain
Dialga:Roar of Time,Ancientpower,Dragon Claw,Metal Claw
Staraptor:Close Combat Defog Fly Aerial Ace
Golduckurf,Waterfall,Strength,Rock Climb
Luxraypark,Charge,Crunch,Charge Beam
Clefable Dig,Drain Punch,Metronome,Snatch(about to replace snatch with thief)
Thanks :D
PS:About to fight Elite Four