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Probably the biggest regret I have was not reading the Harry Potter books from the start. I managed to read the first one, and I attempted the second one, but I wasn't much of a reader back then and the size of the books hindered me from continuing. Very sad excuse really; not something I'm proud of. I still continuously followed the movies and grew attached to the characters, the story, everything that came with it. Even when I started picking up the habit of reading more in high school, I don't know why I didn't put myself in place of reading the series. It wasn't till after Deathly Hallows Part II that I just felt suddenly depressed. Sad that it was over, sad that I wouldn't be able to continue on Harry, Ron, and Hermione's journey together, it was all just very depressing when those credits started to roll. Not to mention emotional.

After that, and talking to Nick, I realized the journey wasn't over for me. I still had the books! I could make up for my mistake over the years and read the books. I began reading the Philosopher's Stone the same day I came back from the movies. I finished it that same weekend and continuously kept going with the books one after the other. Currently, I'm nearing the end of Order of the Phoenix (claiming this as my favorite book so far!) and the thought that I only have two more years (books) to go with Harry and the gang is starting to creep up on me. Every day I ask myself now, "Why did I not read these books before!?"

Still, when I registered for Pottermore, I answered the truth in saying I saw all the movies and had currently finished the first four books.

As for sorting, I hope I get placed into Gryffindor. I'd be okay with Ravenclaw though. I can also see myself possibly being placed in Hufflepuff, but I hope not. Slytherin, there's probably a small fraction of myself that can fit into that house, but I don't see myself as one who belongs there. I'm just really excited for the housing process and I hope that we get to go through the whole journey of having to purchase our books, have our own specific wands choose us, and whatnot. Not to mention getting to choose our classes in our later years. Thinking of it all has me beaming with excitement to get my welcome letter already!

...oops, didn't mean to ramble like that. At least you guys know my story though!