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Quote originally posted by Gymnotide:
It really bothers me that Ditto / Slowbro aren't on the list (and only one person has Cubone) >_>

Cubone ★ Gymnotide
Ditto ★ Gymnotide
Slowbro ★ Gymnotide

Also the rules should say "go alert me or Miss Doronjo" since 'me' is the proper accusative of the first person pronoun <3


Quote originally posted by dragon456:
Charizard ★ dragon456
Lucario ★ dragon456
Zoroark ★ dragon456
Pikachu ★ dragon456
Arcanine ★ dragon456
Mewtwo ★ dragon456
Quote originally posted by Game Over1375:
Feraligatr ★ Game Over1375
Spiritomb ★ Game Over1375
Hariyama ★ Game Over1375
Yanmega ★ Game Over1375
Garchomp ★ Game Over1375
Ferrothorn ★ Game Over1375
ALPHABETICAL ORDER. You all are lucky I put you in anyway.

Quote originally posted by clacla$$$:
[Darkrai] ★ [clacla$$$]
[Flygon] ★ [clacla$$$]
[Noctowl] ★ [clacla$$$]
[Serperior] ★ [clacla$$$]
[Suicune] ★ [clacla$$$]
[Victini] ★ [clacla$$$]

Yay, my 101st post.

Can you take off the brackets, please? They're not meant to go in there; they prevent me from c&p-ing.

Quote originally posted by Meganium90:
Just a small update in my claims~

Milotic ★ Meganium90

Mienshao ★ Meganium90

Thanks in advaaaaaance :3

You're actually the first person to do that in this thread. :o

Everything is up-to-date!


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