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Quote originally posted by tandyboy97:
i do have a few events:
SMR2010 jirachi lv 60 ev'd in Sp. Att and Spd. -quiet nature
Victini lv 100 ev'd in Sp. Att and Spd. - bashful nature
GAMESTP celebi lv 50 ev'd in Sp. Att and Spd. - modest nature (almost flawless) (30/30/30/31/31/31)
FAL2010 mew lv 100 ev'd in Sp. Att and Spd. - serious nature

i'd allow u to have 2 of them for that darkrai
hmmm I'll take the almost flawless celebi
Quote originally posted by lunis:
Hello , im interested in some shinies you have, namely plusle, minun, mahkuhita, budew an Muk. In the link in my sig I have all kinds of shinies an events.
I look forward to a reply an have a good day
they're freebies
Quote originally posted by greg0915:
Hey i was looking through your thread and i have: (I didn't see these in your thread)

UT-Lv.5 Jirachi, Docile OT:WISHMKR Sturdy Body
UT-Lv.10 Pikachu, Hardy OT: PKTOPIA
UT-Lv.50 Electrivire, Adamant OT: PKTOPIA
UT-Lv.50 Magmortar, Modest OT: PKTOPIA
I already have those = ="
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