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Hello I'm interested in these.

PCJP GCEA (51126) #1:
-UT Naive Treecko (7/19/07) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Calm Torchic (11/4/06) OT サッポロ [Sapporo]

PCJP GCEA (51224) #2:
-UT Serious Chikorita (7/4/07) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Naive Cyndaquil (9/13/06) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]

PCJP GCEA (60114) #3:
-UT Docile Delibird (10/12/06) OT ヨコハマ [Yokohama]
-UT Bashful Chansey (6/13/07) OT ナゴヤ [Nagoya]
-UT Rash Qwilfish (11/21/06) OT フクオカ [Fukuoka]
-UT Rash Magmar (12/21/06) OT ヨコハマ [Yokohama]
-UT Quirky Bellsprout (12/29/06) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Rash Scyther (7/23/06) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Sassy Ekans (6/2/07) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Sassy Murkrow (11/19/06) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Bold Tauros (11/21/06) OT ナゴヤ [Nagoya]
-UT Hardy Meowth (10/25/07) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Hardy Shellder (5/10/07) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]

PCJP GCEA (60227 & 60211) #4:
-UT Adamant Bulbasaur (12/25/06) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo] ID 60211
-UT Brave Squirtle (12/10/06) OT サッポロ [Sapporo] ID 60211
-UT Naive Charmander (9/30/06) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo] ID 60211

PCJP GCEA (60321) #5:
-UT Modest Meditite (11/27/06) OT ヨコハマ [Yokohama]
-UT Adamant Sableye (11/27/06) OT ナゴヤ [Nagoya]
-UT Docile Mawile (6/13/07) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Timid Roselia (12/5/06) OT サッポロ [Sapporo]
-UT Naughty Plusle (12/23/06) OT フクオカ [Fukuoka]
-UT Careful Minun (1/11/07) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Careful Solrock (11/11/06) OT ヨコハマ [Yokohama]
-UT Impish Lunatone (11/15/06) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Adamant Zangoose (7/22/07) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Bold Seviper (12/29/07) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Quiet Lotad (12/28/06) OT フクオカ [Fukuoka]
-UT Naughty Seedot (9/26/07) OT オ-サカ [Osaka]

PCJP GCEA (60505) #6:
-UT Impish Mareep (2/29/07) OT ナゴヤ [Nagoya]
-UT Brave Pineco (7/7/07) OT ヨコハマ [Yokohama]
-UT Quirky Teddiursa (2/10/07) OT オ-サカ [Osaka]
-UT Sassy Shuckle (2/1/07) OT オ-サカ [Osaka]
-UT Hasty Hoothoot (11/15/06) OT ヨコハマ [Yokohama]
-UT Hardy Stantler (8/12/06) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Gentle Gligar (11/25/06) OT ナゴヤ [Nagoya]

and do you know where these are from?
-UT Quiet Charmander (7/11/07) OT ID 60227
-UT Gentle Bulbasaur (7/11/07) OT ID 60227

I'll pretty much trade anything from my thread, in return.
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