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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
2. Don't feel bad! Yes, the main story of Harry Potter is over now that all the movies have been adapted but... reread the books and you learn something new every time. You can read a chapter and sit for an hour marvelling at all the detail JK Rowling put into the books. You can trawl the HP wiki for information that was in the compilation of the series (books, movies, TCG, video games, interviews, etc.) that you never noticed and there's just... so, so much that I think it'll be years and years before I feel satisfied that I learnt everything I can from that world. /sap
The thing is, we never will know everything there is to know about that world, because there is more to it than JK Rowling will ever release. This is why I desperately hope she writes more stories set in that world; it's so vast that she could write a whole other book series and never even have to mention Harry and co. It just seems a shame to leave anything unexplored.

I appreciate you trying to cheer me up, too but it's probably still too soon. I've been trying to write a blog about the end of it all since the night I saw the final movie, nearly a month ago, and I just can't bring myself to do it. But I should do it soon before the societal fever has passed and it becomes too late to be relevant.

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