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Sorry for taking so long, I've been busy for awhile, but I'm good now.

Name: Lucas Salem

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Legendary: Manaphy

Personal Appearance:

Personality: Lucas has always been childish. Most people would describe him as immature, which is usually true. He can't let go of his childhood. He does have times of great matureness, but those are very hard to come by. All his life, he has sought refuge in swimming. He almost was captain of the swimming team in high school.

Reason for Grudge: Lucas was the best swimmer on the team, and everyone knew it. The current captain of the team, Tom Hildegard, knew he was going to be overthrown, so he acted on it. On the day of the challenge for captain, Lucas slipped by the edge of the pool, and broke his leg on the concrete. While on the ground, he saw Tom at the entrance with a smirk on his face. Lucas was done swimming for the rest of that year, the year Tom graduated. He recovered, but still didn't rejoin the swimming team. Tom took that away from him, and he wasn't going to act like it was still there.

Other: N/A
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