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Quote originally posted by Lightning:
tbh the "lol Justin Bieber is a girl" jokes got old when his voice actually did change. All I know is he can't sing Baby like he did on the album anymore, lmao.

I totally just looked at his wiki page to see what his latest single was so I could go check my voice-changed fact and while I didn't even skim it enough to read that far, I did notice he has an entire sub-heading for his hair in the article. Wow.
True that. Though it was funny to see him not hitting puberty until 16.

Quote originally posted by Harlequin:

I thought jokes/insults calling Justin Bieber a girl were considered 'so 2009' nowadays, but lol, someones keeping them alive. Oh well.
Saved your gif for future uses. thanks. (the (s)he comment was inconsiderate on my part though, I'll admit.)