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Sorry I haven't been around so long... kinda got out of Pokemon for a bit and now I'm back into it...
I've been wanting to have a "All-Type," team. For Pearl I picked Steel, White I did Dragon and I started re-playing Leaf Green on my Mac.
I picked the following:

[Blastoise/Aqua Titan][Lv. 39]
Surf, Bite, Rapid Spin, Mega Punch.

[Gyrados/Titanic][Lv. 41]
Water Pulse, Twister, Dragon Rage, Hydro Pump.

[Polywhirl/Oceanos][Lv. 39]
Psychic, Bubble, Body Slam, Hypnosis.

[Staryu/Carpathia][Lv. 37]
Recover, Swift, Return, Bubblebeam.

*I named my team after famous liners (White Star Liners) and ships that sunk, except Blastoise.

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