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I think newgame+ is probably causing most of the team switcher problems, It's still quite buggy.

Firestone- ignis island
thunderstone- 3rd oak sidequest.
they can also both be obtain as an A-Rank manman export items,

my situation.

I've had really bad computer errors over the last month. basically, every time I start up my laptop, windows wouldn't work, and i had to do startup recovery, which seemed to work half the time. Other times, i would have to do a full windows reinstall. This meant I couldn't get much work done, noting is a motivation killer as loosing progress.

Well, last week, I got a blue screen of death. Apperently, my hard drive was dying, and now it's fully dead.

I've now got a new hard drive, and reinstalled everything, Im dual booting Windows7 and Ubuntu(linux), so if windows does crash, I can recover everything via the linux partition.
EDIT: Linux i really like, would go full linux, but need windows for RPGmaker. besides that, i only use my computer for internet, assignments and android development. (have ps3 for gaming, so don't need to worry about that)

currently working on something I felt the official games really lacked- sidequests.
Version 0.753 is out
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