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ok and thanks i will let you know in a few minutes what the vertic is,ok on gpspkai it failed it didnt even register the game was even there and i downloaded it from the first page i got the complete brazlin edition of it which it gave me a choice to download the ips or the gba version i picked gba and placed it in the right folder and it didnt even recgonize it was in there what am i doing wrong?

ok i now did the patch for englishbeta1 to a pokemon ruby rom and even with the pc emulator i get a white screen so iam stumped,does anyone have some imput for me?

iam stumped i tried patching the ips english patch with a clean version of ruby i have tried muti things to get it to work but either a white screen,just up to the intro and freezes or flat out turns off my psp,does anyone have a copy of the game that works and can private message me it iam completely lost
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