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Quote originally posted by DForte:
Fried told me that they're not good for game developing (he could have meant not as good as a pc)
Im not a big apple guy. I don't have any apple products, so compatibility wouldn't be an advantage. plus the huge cost of a mac is a major turnoff, especially for a uni student.

Linux is completely freeeee so yay.

plus. I need windows for RPGmaker.

Quote originally posted by DForte:
Hope you don't have the problem I had where you first replace your hard drive, then you have to get a new laptop charger, then you have to get a new battery. I almost bought a new laptop, but then I remembered that I'm still in college and it would be better if I just dealt with it, especially since I'm almost finished.
This... is weird. About a year ago, my laptop charger died. And since 6 months ago, my laptop battery started only holding like 5 minutes of charge o_O
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