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Second Update on FireRed.

  1. Megahorn
  2. Wing Attack - Pidgeot
  3. Rapid Spin - Blastoise
  4. Constrict - Tentacool
  5. Agility
  6. Pursuit - Tauros
  • Got a lot of stuff done here.
  • First I grinded a bit east of Vermilion, then took on the SS Anne. Stucky went down and I got Cut.
  • Lt. Surge was easy with Megaking's Dig attack.
  • Went to get Flash, then crawled through Rock Tunnel.
  • Hurried on to Celadon, where I picked up Eevee, which I named Nimble (for Agility).
  • Beat Stucky in Pokemon Tower, then went back to get the Sliph Scope from Giovanni.
  • I evolved Nimble into Jolteon at L30 (Bite) and beat Giovanni with Spinner.
  • Then I beat Erika as well, who was easily handled by Winger.
  • Scaled Pokemon Tower and got the Pokeflute, and killed both Snorlax.
  • Biked to Fuchsia City and got Surf+Strength, and caught Tracker the Tauros (named for Pursuit).
  • Beat Koga with a team effort - Tracker was the last one alive.
  • Now that I could surf, I did so and caught Squeezer the Tentacool (named for Constrict).
  • Saved on Cycling Road, ready to begin training my team to equal levels.

Team Sticky:

Squeezer, ♀ - L31
Timid, Liquid Ooze
Surf, Giga Drain, Acid, Constrict

Tracker, ♂ - L32
Brave, Intimidate
Strength, Swagger, Horn Attack, Pursuit

Spinner, ♂ - L36
Serious, Torrent
Surf, Mega Punch, Bite, Rapid Spin

Nimble, ♂ - L36
Brave, Static
Shock Wave, Double Kick, Bite, Quick Attack

Megaking, ♂ - L36
Docile, Poison Point
Thrash, Rock Slide, Dig, Double Kick

Winger, ♂ - L36
Jolly, Keen Eye
Quick Attack, Steel Wing, Wing Attack, Fly
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