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Kerin arched his head back. He had no idea what time it was, but from the way Fang had said, it was probably after midnight. Great. What time was training again? Early, probably. Kerin blinked bleakly and scratched his face. Sleeping was probably a fantastic idea. A lot had happened today too. First the presentation, then Shiro's outburst, then the pact with Fang and Marisa, Shiro getting drugged, the helicopter, the kitchen, the games and this. He had made three friends in a day! Kerin had really never had that many at one time. He smiled a little.

"Kerin-sama! Sleep with me, okaii?" Kerin flopped his head back and looked at Marisa. How could he say no? She was probably afraid something was gonna come out of the floorboards or something. Kerin smiled back at her and nodded. Then he coughed again. Aah, his throat. Dammit.

"Yeah, okay," he lazily blinked and shifted his eyes to Fang. "Are you going to take Shiro down and the cat? Or is the cat staying here?" He turned back to Marisa. "Do you want the cat to stay here?"
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