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Originally Posted by SSJ4 Furanki View Post
I went and played the complete version in Portuguese, had it on my PSP before it broke got about 3 Gyms in with a Lv. 41 Charizard. But, you've inspired me to continue with my own hack again. Rethink it completely, so thank you for the inspiration good sir.

But, I've got a question or Snakebite, I wasn't about to go through like 10 pages, but will the English translated version be automatically decapitlized and the small errors corrects. Like TEAM STEAM ADM, when "Steam Admin" would look a lot better. Just small nitpicks. And are the Unova/Sinnoh cries going to be put in? I've gotten decent at making the cries work with glitches. So, if you and Wesley would want that too to make the English version even more complete I'd be willing to give you input. But, that's only if wanted.

Overall, from what I played, the graphics are just amazing, hard to believe this is a GBA, and the scripting is just amazing. Any future works you do Wesley, I'll be looking out for them and I may just wait for the English version before continuing playing.
From what I know, it will stay capitalized and the cries will remain unedited.
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Been super busy with work, life, and laptop problems. Hopefully I can get back into it soon, I fear I'm already rusty. Meanwhile I'm considering writing some of my hacks as a series of fanfics.

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