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Appreciate your rate =)

Double Dance Terrakion is indeed fearsome to face and luckily it's not as common compared to Scarf versions. Like you said there's really nothing to set up on, but I'm pretty conscientious about Tyranitar staying alive if I see a Latios still alive or something, so if it gets a SD on the switch there, I'll probably have to sac Salamence for Skarmory to wall it if it still has Balloon.

I have never considered Naive Mence before, that's interesting. I have been in some situations where I need that extra speed against Timid Rotom-W or something. It might also come in handy against those SubVeil Gliscor (don't miss :x) I see every now and again. I'm mostly worried about the drop in attacking power but I see that it's a fair trade off.

I haven't met much MagDrag teams before I retired this team, but if I were to use it now, I would definately use Shed Shell. Dragon + Steel spam is disgusting. Most likely I'll wait until this round is over before I start laddering seriously again (too much summer hw >.<). Since this topic got a bumpyay I'll work on fluffing out the format and prose and stuff once I get the time.