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Time for another update, this time, post-e4.

Scraggy ♀ → 64 @Eviolite

Moxie / Docile
- Brick Break
- Crunch
- Strength (Going to replace with Work Up)
- Hi Jump Kick

Herdier ♀ → 60 @Scope Lens

Sand Rush / Bold
- Rock Smash
- Work Up
- Crunch
- Return

Boldore ♀ → 59 @Rocky Helmet

Sturdy / Adamant
- Rock Slide
- Stone Edge
- Stealth Rock
- Strength

Audino ♂ → 60 @Shell Bell

Regenerator / Lonely
- Double Edge
- Secret Power
- Attract
- Return

No detail this time, but! There's also a Sigilyph that flies for me, and the Reshiram I caught which the nature is totally useful, but not using them. Considering taking on Cynthia, and if so I'll need to grab a Trubbish to use Clear Smog, etc.
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