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Quote originally posted by metapod23:
I've pretty much finished all the League events - right now Elite Four and Champion battles don't work, so they're just set as regular trainers, but I don't think anyone will be able to even get to the Elite Four right now without extensive training or cheating.
Now that's challenging! I gotta get my EVs to work! xD

Quote originally posted by metapod23:
Quick update: Charizard will now obey you once in a while, making it somewhat useable as a part of your team. It will obey you about 20% of the time.
Hey that's cool! 1 of 5 tries... that can be useful! :D

Quote originally posted by WrathOfArceus:
in beta 3.03 The trainers pokemon are LV97! Why?
What are you talking about? O.O
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