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Third Update on FireRed.

  1. Megahorn - Nidoking
  2. Wing Attack - Pidgeot
  3. Rapid Spin - Blastoise
  4. Constrict - Tentacruel
  5. Agility
  6. Pursuit - Tauros
  • After beating all the trainers I could find, I beat the Fighting Dojo and then took on Silph Co.
  • Beat all the Rockets and creamed Stucky and Giovanni.
  • Then I took on the Saffron Gym and beat Sabrina with Nimble's Bite attack.
  • Surfed to Cinnabar and explored the Mansion.
  • Beat up the gym and beat Blaine rather easily.
  • Fought the rest of the water trainers, then took on the Viridian Gym.
  • Giovanni went down for the final time.
  • Beat Stucky, then saved.

Team Sticky:

Nimble, ♂ - L44
Brave, Static
Shock Wave, Double Kick, Bite, Quick Attack

Megaking, ♂ - L44
Docile, Poison Point
Thrash, Rock Slide, Dig, Megahorn

Spinner, ♂ - L44
Serious, Torrent
Surf, Mega Punch, Bite, Rapid Spin

Squeezer, ♀ - L45
Timid, Liquid Ooze
Surf, Giga Drain, Blizzard, Constrict

Tracker, ♂ - L45
Brave, Intimidate
Return, Swagger, Strength, Pursuit

Winger, ♂ - L45
Jolly, Keen Eye
Quick Attack, Steel Wing, Wing Attack, Fly
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