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I am planning to expand the QTT stickies, so I'd need to know what you traders most prefer. Splitting into Pokemon and Services seems plausible.

QTT Rule #1: "preferably along with your friend code and what Generation you are trading from". It is recommended but not required. Change to required, delete the posts that don't listen.

I think that Stricter rules on random "this for that" threads should be made. Idk. >:
Currently I don't warn/infract unless if repeated offense. You're asking for punishment on first then? PC Staff aren't supposed to delete, for the record.

I'm not sure if this will even work since it's been stated before that people don't read, because they're lazy bums, but perhaps adding an announcement alerting people of the use of Pokemon Online to complete trades that have been interrupted by a database error.
How cool it would be if I had a Twitter for PC's Trade Corner and tweeted when to hit up the trade chatroom on PO / giveaways. does anyone even use twitter haha B)

P.S. I am for offering Cloning services in a regulated fashion. Thoughts ?