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Since Trade Forum is now a forum of it's own I believe sub forums for certain things should be utilized.

Graveyard Forum - Topics will be moved to here without a topic shadow(which just wastes space), the users will know why there topic is locked as usual but it won't take up space on a general board. Now if you can merge threads to Quick Trade Thread without a topic shadow that can work too.

Shops Forum - If you set up a Shops forum they the owners don't have to be inundated with all the small trades bumping down their topics. A shop index could be set up be it by alphabetical order, split into what they trade i.e. events, shiny, ev, combination of many. Then we wouldn't have to worry about multiple Quick Trade threads because the whole Trade Corner can be used as one.

Giveaways and Services - If there is a prevalence of Giveaway topics or services like ev training, cloning, RNGing, etc then we can also have a forum for that. That way users that have shops aren't required to lock their topic because both the shop and the giveaway topic are housed in separate sub forums. And if cloning is allowed you can have an official topic and see where it goes from there. Drawing from the Official Check/Cloning comment earlier yes I think we should have one and have it set up with official hack checkers and cloners, and have the outlines/prerequisites to how you can be an official of either.

As far as multiple Quick Trade Threads I am not seeing the need for them, like I said earlier we are a forum of our own we can just split the forum up into multiple sub forums if need be. Or use the main forum as a quick trade thread. If Giveaways and Services isn't going down then create a bunch of new prefixes like Dex Filler, Trade Back, EV Training, Items.

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