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Originally Posted by PMniac View Post
Ihope Pokemon Sol PLatiunm is all perfect cuz i'm goin in vacatyions without internnet
To patch Neo Soul Silver must be Soul Silver U version Xenophobia right?
Anyone can post the Soul Silver and Pokemon Black/White good roms for patching? Because i cant patch Soul Silver and Pokemon Black
Yeah, Sol Platinum should be working perfectly now. I tested this firsthand, so no worries for this mod.

As for SoulSilver...

Yeah, it must be Xenophobia's dump. Anyways, what do you mean you can't patch it? What happens whenever try to patch? It doesn't work?

Oh, and if you're using No$zoomer; like you should with a SoulSilver rom, make sure you have No$gba bios and stuff. For the rom to work, the emulator'll have to boot like a real DS.

And also, when patching Pokemon Black, make sure it's either the europe or us rom. I recommend the europe rom; the us rom works too, but I play my game on a pre-patched europe rom. Perhaps, you should download a pre-patched version of black or white, then try patching with that.

I can't give links to roms, b-cuz they're not allowed, but...I tell to google for it. I used a pre-patched version made by coolkill3r...His rom is what I used to edited the game.

Originally Posted by JimmyJ99 View Post
I'm playing Sol Platinum and yeah I did still didn't save.
Oops, sorry about that. The reason you're game isn't savin' is partially my fault. Those option are for if you're using No$zoomer with No$gba.

Anyways, bring up the option on the emulator. Then go to NDS-Cartridge Back-up Media. Change it to Flash 512Bytes. then save your changes by clicking Save Option box. This is the only way Platinum will save; if you're not using No$zoomer...Also do this for Pokemon B&W, if you're playing it.
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