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Quote originally posted by Lightning:
...but the 3DS version has no multiplayer. Not even local both-of-you-have-a-3DS-and-the-game multiplayer. And that's kind of the most important thing for me when it comes to Tales games. I've never played a main game all the way through with myself because it's way more fun playing with my friends. It's probably part of the reason I never finished any of the handheld games that weren't spinoffs. :x But regardless, the no multiplayer makes me sad and means it's not a "OMG OMG MUST HAVE".
omg, this. I have Legendia and Phantasia as well as Symphonia, Symphonia2, and Abyss, but I've never finished them. The reason being is the fact that Phantasia isn't multiplayer, and my sister never played Legendia with me (I'm not even sure if it's Multiplayer). XD;

Quote originally posted by Miss Doronjo:

Nebillim's a tough cookie in unknown. @__@ I used Guy, Tear, Jade and Anise. took me 4 tries. :|
Why thank you Shawn. Now I feel like such a horrible Abyss player. :( /never beat her on unknown, tymv
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