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Quote originally posted by BinaryPeaches:

omg, this. I have Legendia and Phantasia as well as Symphonia, Symphonia2, and Abyss, but I've never finished them. The reason being is the fact that Phantasia isn't multiplayer, and my sister never played Legendia with me (I'm not even sure if it's Multiplayer). XD;
I'm pretty sure Legendia has multiplayer. :s I hope it does since the only way I'm gonna get through that is if my Tales roommate (and possibly our other roommate if we can convince him) plays with me. ><; But yeah that's the same reason I never played Phantasia to the end. :/
Quote originally posted by U_Flame:
on why?

Wait...what? WHY!? H-how DARE they! That's just evil...Did they give a reason why?
I imagine because they're lazy. Abyss 3DS is literally a straight port of the NA version. Nothing new was added except some 3D effects. Implementing some sort of multiplayer would not only be hard to envision (how would 2P see/play the game outside of battles?) but obviously more effort than they cared to put in. :(
Quote originally posted by Miss Doronjo:

Another reason I should get it then. ^___^
It was the only thing I didn't like about Abyss. :(

I won't strike it against you. :3 I just ~barely~ beat her in Unknown. @___@
No kidding. She's ridiculous. :/
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