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Quote originally posted by King Gumball:
Eevee and Mudkip imo are soo over rated. I don't get why so many people love them so much. I personally hate Mudkip.
Reason why Mudkip is "overrated" is because it has its own internet meme "i herd u liek mudkipz" or something like that. I don't exactly know how it started though.

Quote originally posted by Yoshikkko:
The most overrated Pokémon at the moment, is Oshawott. I really need someone to explain to me, why Oshawott is so amazing, supposedly, because I don't see it. It just doesn't interest me, boring design, just like Piplup. I like Dewott though.
Agreed. I have absolutely no idea why everybody just adores that thing. It looks really dorky to me. (inb4imtheonewhosdorky)