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Quote originally posted by Mizan de la Plume Kuro:
I don't know what it is about me, but I have plenty of ideas and motivation when I'm walking around doing other things. But when I get to the computer, I suddenly lose all will to start writing. I'm starting to suspect the internet is the main reason I'm being so procrastinatory here because the one day which I lost my internet connection was the one day in which I was most productive. It's kind of sad, really. That pretty much covers why I don't enjoy starting to write because of the sheer willpower needed to conjure up enough effort to keep myself hammering away at the keyboard on a word-processor without getting distracted by Memebase or checking up on forums.
Oi, that's me. Whenever I'm away from the computer or notebook I tend to have all these ideas and felt motivated to do them. However, when I get around to the writing that motivation suddenly disappeared and I hate that. D< And oh yeah, the distraction part too. >.>

What I hate most when writing is actually dialogue. I'm always flaky when having characters speak because I'm worried if I made them sound all stiff and un-human. Also, I tend to wonder if the conversation between the characters flowed naturally and if it was dragging too much/ended up too short. I can write pretty fast when doing actions and pouring out a character's FEELINGS~, but when it comes to a conversation that's when I get stuck.

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