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Originally Posted by Mizan de la Plume Kuro View Post
I'm starting to suspect the internet is the main reason I'm being so procrastinatory here because the one day which I lost my internet connection was the one day in which I was most productive.
Oh yes. I blame the Internet as well. I lost the Internet once for two days, and caught up on reading and writing. I felt so productive and adult-like.

If I'm at work or out driving or outside with nothing to do, the ideas just come to me and I get the motivation to come home and write, write, write! But since I only have one desk that also holds my computer, I sit down to write and instead f5 my friends page on LiveJournal.

Bay's post reminded me of a part of writing that I hate: description. I can get the narration down. I can handle setting. I just can't do physical description of the character, especially human ones. It always seems so forced to me, and unless the part of the physical description is important to the character, I skip that too.
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