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Chapter 3 - Fang Yumigami - Vampire District

Impressions of Kerin... A cool guy to hang out with, yet very overprotective of Marisa. Much too protective. Insanely protective. The dictionary needs a new word. Basically, god forbid you even scratch her accidently, or a rabid Kerin will claw your eyes out. Yikes. He had this attachment with Marisa like they had known eachother for years. A brother-sister relationship. It was actually rather creepy, yet really sweet. Was that possible? It was in my mind. Impressions of Marisa? This very, very pre-mature teenager with an obsession for talking like an eight year old. Well, it was cute if you got over the fact she was old enough to attend high school.

Don't get me wrong. They're cool friends. Just a tad unique for me. Although, I shouldn't be one to talk. Technecially, everyone was unique in their own way. It would be pretty difficult to find two people who are exactly alike in this corrupt world.

"Yay~!" Marisa cried out, beaming happily. Her smile was so intensely blinding. She could be happy in any situation, couldn't she? I hoped she gave Ryuu Hell with this. That guy was completely bloodthirsty. He would make the perfect stereotypical vampire....

From the angel district.... Amelia, the pampered leader's daughter. Shizuka, the strong-silent type. Pewita, the grudge-holder. Kaito, the normal one.

Demon district, we had Bernkastel. The 'witch' who won two games, excels in alchemy, and can summon creatures from the Underworld. Xavier, the semi-masochist who hates talking. Paris, the famous model celebrity, and finally Ryuu, the rhyno.

Human district.... Fausto, the bitter-sweet gentleman who was scheduled to die tonight. Nokoto, the naive, dancing girl. Raike, the boy who could hold his own in a word-fight against Ryuu. And the first crazy; Jin.

Then, there was the vampire district.... Kerin, the guard dog. Marisa, the fortune-teller. Shiro, the morphine-crazed, and then.... Me? What would my title be? Surely nobody found me to be gothic, right? Hm... If not gothic, then what?

I look over my choice in clothing. Skinny jeans... A black tie-dye shirt which was much too big for me... My hand trailed to my left ear, where a small ring was embedded into the piercing. I had rebelled ever since I stepped foot in the vampire district. Grew my hair out, hung out with the bad group in school.... I nearly flunked ever class I had ever attended, just for fun. So, was I 'Fang the rebellious vampire?' or 'Fang, the gothic sadist'? Neither. I was just simply... 'Fang Yumigami'.

I looked over as Kerin asked me if I would be taking Shiro and the cat down back into the building. He then turned to Marisa and asked if the cat should stay. He never asked Shiro on her opinion, even though that demon gave the cat to her. I was just about ready to put out a witty joke about making soup, when Shiro mumbled out something. I turned to her. She had been silent throughout the entire 'party' and Bernkastel hadn't paid her any notice, either. She held the cat closer to her chest, and mumbled out again. This time, loud enough so we could hear her.

"Please let me keep the cat..."

Chapter 3 - Natruo The Game Designer - God District

Calmly, I stood myself up as the younger boy approached me. When he first began to move, I thought maybe he was actually going to charge me like a rhyno. However, he somehow managed a fast-paced motion of coming over to me. He was high. Not off of alchohol. Not off drugs. (Hopefully). He was high off the bloodlust to fight. To fight me, a God and the game designer of these wicked Population Games. However, was he expecting me to be taken down with just fists? That sure seemed like it, because this boy didn't seem to have it in for magic. Most demons didn't, anyhow. A spell or two, but nothing major like Bernkastel's case. He excelled at physical combat, and he made that rather obvious.

"Ha... Like I'd need to train to beat the crap outta you.... Silly... You're so obvious. I knew you wouldn't be able to wait if I set a certain time... Now then. Show me what you got, kid. I think this old man can take you." I stance myself; my legs spread in a triangle for balance, and my fists ready to block what I'm sure to be a frontal, no surprise attack. It would take a lot to put me off guard, and this kid was no exception. I knew better than to have my wings open for flight. The stupid rhyno would probably grab those if he had the chance. Instead, I kept them fastened against my tense back.

"Don't go easy, sweetheart."

Chapter 3 - Mammon - Underworld

"Corpse Collector, huh? I find that much more befitting than other titles I've heard..." I stretch myself out across the bed; in no real hurry to get to Fausto's room. Then again, there wasn't much point teaching him anymore if he was going to have a contract with me. I am just about ready to ask how he'll kill Fausto, when the room vibrates so fiercely, I am off the bed and floating for a few seconds, before falling back onto the cushions.

"FACK." I scream out. I am screaming, because I can't hear anything aside from the blaring music coming from underneath my room. It's some sort of metal rock crap. The sound vibrates some of my weapons off the walls, and their clattering just adds to the noise. Enraged, I pull myself to my feet, and begin stomping my right foot against the floor while covering my ears. "Shut that crap off, ZANE!" I scream. Throught the music, I hear a maniac laughter. Good Lord.... The music is turned down conciderably, until it's only a small hum. My door blasts open, and I am now glaring at the culprit of my bleeding and quite deaf ears. When they heal automatically, I'm screaming profanity at him and he only laughs.

His black hair is messy like a dogs. Somewhat long, but not past his shoulders. A pair of crimson eyes stare at me mockingly; obviously not threatened by my swearing. He is wearing these baggy black cargo pants, along with this insanely long, grey shirt. The sleeves are just fine. The rest, not so much. It's practically at his knees! He sticks out his tongue, which has been pierced with a little silver ball. Ew. The main features, are what are on his wrists and ankles. Cuffs of sorts. However, changed to each one, are these chains, which come down to the floor. On the ends, are weights that I KNOW, weigh about fifty pounds each. Damn show-off...

I growl at him lowly, and he only growls back playfully. A black tail is swishing around behind him like a broom. Wings of leather hug his shoulderblades, and he leans on the balls of his feet. "Since when did you replace Luci-chan for a human boyfriend, Ma'am~?" He grins at Raike and me, and I narrow my eyes. Damn it.

"He's not my boyfriend. He's gonna be my contractee." I say defensively. "And stop calling me 'ma'am'! My name is Mammon, you douche!"
"Your plans will fail, my sweet lady. And when they do, your stories will be nothing but lies, your rebellion will be in vain, and war will rage for years until you are but a speck of dust." - Noh
"The lies of your world will be exposed. My rebellion will rein over your realm, and no longer will this time be plagued by war." - ???
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