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I'm starting to suspect the internet is the main reason I'm being so procrastinatory here because the one day which I lost my internet connection was the one day in which I was most productive.
I'm sad to say that this is true.. T_T
I remember I began making plans for this summer. I said I was going to exercise more, lose this weight, read more books, practice my drum strokes, resume my independent japanese studies, etc. And here I am, four days away until school starts and I'm still watching anime and visiting forums... The internet is great, but sadly addictive.

As for the writing; the hardest part for me would have to be the story in general. I can't just sit down and tell myself, "alright, I'm going to write the best story of all stories!" No, it's like my brain and I are two separate beings in one body; when I want to make up a story; no ideas come to mind, but when the sun dies and the moon rises, when I'm trying to sleep, my head starts automatically generating ideas; juicy, funny, ideas, and I'm like, "GO TO SLEEP!!!" but to no avail. I end up laughing all night until I get off the bed or my eyes rebel against the brain.

The worst part is, the ideas I get a just small little parts of a big story. I never really think of an actual plot; and so, my fanfics are never finished. Then there are times when I just can't link together all of the little fragments. It's a whole process for me..
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