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On Fanfiction, there's a trend in the Cartoon X-Overs section to adapt a movie or any kind of story and use characters from different animated shows to. This is called a fanmake and my Pokemon journey fics in the past were fanmakes as well. But let's not get into the latter.

Of course, these fanmakes tend to have common elements from one another and needless to say, they bother me. Let me name a few:

1. The narration comes off as more of a screenplay than a novelization. It describes camera panning, effects and the main character's POV (which should never ever mix with a third person narration). Hell, it seems like a hybrid of the two styles. This bothers me a lot as I prefer novel-style and I find it interesting how you can adapt a movie or TV show's into your own novelized version.

2. There are musical number in fic without music to hear. This is a big problem for me since in literature, the musical numbers seem to be forced in.

3. Most fanmakes are copied from the source material down to dialogue especially when the author is incredibly lazy. I don't know about you but I do expect some variation in an adaptation or a fan remake, you know?