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Originally Posted by JinRazielGames View Post
Hey uh, you have to map the ips first.
Maps must be made before you script or else things will go haywire.
Please lord, i wish this thread wouldn't be inactive.

Your current skills/Position you want: Mapper and all around spriting(Trainer, Fakemon and OWs)
How much time can you dedicate: Mostly Weekends (GMT 8+)
Proof of work: Okay then...i'm lazy to make some, but anyways.

A Team Akatsuki Archive.

Okay, this one is a hero in progress in Team Snivy
I suck in map proofs but i'm good depending of what kind of map you'll ask

Sorry, but you'll see a map when you make me do a job.
It depends on how you will ask me on a route(land/sea), cave, or city.

E-mail for Contact: [email protected] or my Skype(JinRazielGames) or just through the PMs.

Hmm those sprites look really good. Hmm...Okay you're accepted!
So then you can you help me out with the maps and the sprites?
Think you can make say a dusty village like in one of those cowboy movies? And at the top of the village is a cave with lots of hallways sort of like johto's cave before the E4. And at the top of that cave is a place for a legendary i'm about to make. It's supposed to be a phoenix legendary.
So anyways the map should be like verdanturf but dusty and bigger [Like in a cowboy movie] and the cave at the top with maze-like features and a spot for a legendary.

Regarding sprites. I'll need the characters to have possibly long hair and the colors to be black and white squares like on racing flags.

Also if anyone is wondering what i'm doing, i'm spriting some fakemon for the game. If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to post them or VM/PM. :D

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