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For once, you did something right.
Going with plain old essentials is a good move. Most noobs go with the big flashy kits that give them brand-new features.
Also, you might wanna use different tiles. Try going with standard d/p, or hgss style graphics, although i know you want your game to be big and awesome. Next step is learning how to map better, and taking more responsibility in your game. Instead of only doing only one or two things, you should do most of the things, and have a couple team members. You might say that you don't know how to map, and you need tutorials, but honestly, you don't. (might've already said this) Look at others' maps. Look at the things they do, and learn(not copy) how to map yourself, not having someone teach you.
Also, when you're making your game thread, you shouldn't use memes for your spoiler titles. Just call it what it is.
There's a lot more i could tell you, but to save time, i'll tell you later. Hope you listen to someone for once! :D
(And i also hope that you actually read through that whole block-o-text. :3)
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