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Quote originally posted by phinamthi:
I know! Maybe I can replace Magnezone with Kingdra, Ground/Fighting/Water shouldn't do much. Is there a good replacement for Magmortar that's resists Ground/Fighting/Water?
No matter what reason, I will REFUSE to replace Metagross and Aggron.


-Dragon Dance -Brine
-Hydro Pump
-Dragon Pulse
-Ice Beam

EV's: 52 HP/252 Sp.Attack/100 Defense/100 Sp.Defense

Aggron's EV's should look like

EV's: 100 HP/252 Attack/152 Speed

I was thinking Salamence, but it was Uber :(

I know that Grass types resist Ground/Water/Fighting, but I couldn't find any good ones. Maybe I can add Sceptile as a replacement for Magmortar.
Salamence isn't Uber... Wait, are you playing 5th or 4th Gen? Sceptile is a bad choice over Magmortar. Grass doesn't resist Fighting. Sceptile has a very low defense stat meaning any strong fighting attack such as Close Combat, Drain Punch, Hi-Jump Kick etc will end it. There are better options for moves than Brine, btw. \; I'd take Platinumdudes advice and use the DD Kingdra.
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