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Why should I help you? All humans waste the life I gave to them. It's Over ...

The Septi Region:
The Septi region is a new starting region, originally it was to be a tourist hot spot, visible in such cities like Nemble City and Florist city, with large mountains to the north, and a beautiful ocean to the south, no holiday lover should be able to resist coming to the Septi Region. That was however 10 years ago ... lately very few tourists come, the reason ... Team X. Team X are a group of evil scientists who experiment on anything they can find, run by the smartest man alive, no one dares to stand in the way of their criminal activity.

Main story:
We all know how Arceus created the world of Pokémon. But, like any other god it has a opposite or an opponent or there are different religons with different gods in them. Some go as far as to say that there's parallel universes with other gods controlling them. Well, our story has all of the above, here in our world our god is none other than Shaderain, The Omega Pokémon. Shaderain was once a lonesome pokémon in the world. So, it created it's own partner, Arceus. They both became rulers of our universe and created our world and formed it with great power. Shaderain had to sacrafice 7 feathers of each element used to create life. These elements were Water,Fire,Grass,Wind,Earth,Light and Dark. Shaderain was proud of what he and Arceus made. Arceus however wanted it's own world, Arceus being a alpha Pokémon he created a portal to another empty world and left Shaderain to create his own world. Shaderain was furios and took it out on his world and made all the bad things like Death and illnesses and evil.
The seven feathers which Shaderain sacrificed were hidden from the world at Shaderain's command and have not been seen. But people fear that they will be needed to ressurect Shaderain to save our world...

Player's Story:
You've just turned 14, after living in the Town of Quanti with the Region Professor, Prof.Rick nearby, what better time that to ask for a new Pokémon. One morning when you wake up your mother tells you a bunch of newly earned trainers had left the Lab of Prof. Rick with brand new pokémon. She suggests you go see if any are left, so you go to the lab. At the front doors of the lab is your childhood rival, Ralph. Ralph claims to have gotten the last Pokemon and that there is no point of trying to get a Pokemon since they are out of stock. After having your dreams crushed, Prof. Rick exits the Lab, about to close up, realising you forgot to get one earlier, he gives you the last pokémon and the chance to be one of the first in the Septi Region to have a pokédex and fill it with the many species that are in this new land.


Costume System
Buy and wear many creative costumes imported from around the world, some Costumes effect where you can and cannot go.

Return of Battle Frontier
The battle frontier is back, with 4 new facilities and the return of the Glorious Battle Tower!!

50 new Pokémon
This is not a 100% confirmed feature, it just depends if I, or a spriter is dedicated enough to think of 50 fakemon.

Return of the G/S/C Graphics
This game is completely G/S/C styled, which includes Pokédex, Pokémon, Pokemon Menu, Bag, Overworld, Title Screen, EVERYTHING!



#001 Shadox - Shadow + Fox
Type: Dark
Info: Shadox are very rare to find, just to see one is a privilege. The blue marks on it's back glow when it doesn't like someone or something it sees, many ancient tribes believe it contains pure power.

#002 Shadolf - Shadow + Wolf
Type: Dark
Info: Shadolf's normally travel in packs, like any other wolf tribe. When one Shadolf is attacked the other pack members vow to avenge the attacked member by seeking out the attacker.

#003 Shadeast - Shadow + Beast
Type: Dark/Fighting
Info: Upon changing to a more Beast like figure, Shadeast's can walk on two feet and use the other two more offensively, if need be. The three tales on it's back provide sensory for sight since it loses sight after evolving.

The Corruption Team:

Me - Mapping scripting and Idea plotting
PiaCarrot - Spriting
M.L.- Tiler
Icey - Music Composing

That's it for now.

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