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Just letting you know that I'm currently working on properly resizing all Pokemon sprites with the same ratio, all saved in files ready to be used with Wichu's sprite editor:

Some are smaller than they are in Gen III but the reason why I did that is to keep all the sprites resized within the same ratio. This is because Pt/HG/SS/B/W Gen IV/V, they tried to make the size of each sprite relative to the Pokemon's actual size, which is why Buizel's Platinum sprite is significantly smaller than it's D/P sprite.

Also in the sprites that Wiznatts posted above, he referenced the 493 Project, which I am the creator of. I have abandoned that because I resized the sprites on an individual basis rather than all the same ratio. What I'm doing now is making them all the same ratio in order to keep the size relativity that was introduced in Platinum.

Also, if you noticed, the color palette I use is the one that most closely resembles it's Sugimori art. Sometimes none of the D/P, Pt, HG/SS, or B/W sprites uses colors that match the Sugimori art, so I use a custom color palette, such as Squirtle, Butterfree, Nidoqueen, Paras, Parasect, etc...

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