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Quote originally posted by GliscorOwnz:
Stuck Again
Snowice City.
I Talked To The Gym Leader South Of Mt. IceStorm , But Shes Not At The Gym ..
Help Please ?
I will assume you did exactly what I did. Hello, fellow superspeed junkie! Well, I'll tell you what someone told me: Go back to Mt. Icestorm and DO NOT speed. It's so freaking obvious that it hurts. She will laugh at you and your (don't mind, she laughed at mine, too) dumbness... literally.

Hope I helped.

Quote originally posted by tralalala:
whats wrong here? what i have to do now?

*I would re-post your agonizing evidence of your stupidity, but 1. It's pathetic, and 2. I have not made fifteen posts quite yet*

Uh... you... you have to do what he asks? I don't think it could be anymore clear. Like, really. You go to the right side of Fagon (oh, how I make myself giggle) and talk to him. It is not a difficult thing. D:

EDIT: I see you already said that you had done this, so... congratulations? I guess?

I have figured out the Whirlpool/Water Pulse thing. So there's that.