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Originally Posted by pixiefroggy View Post
How do you get Pichu to evolve? Is there still a happiness system? And, do only female Combee evolve into Vespiquen in this game? Just wondering...
I see this hasn't been answered yet.

From my experience, I believe Pichu still evolves from happiness. I haven't evolved Combee though.
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Originally Posted by drarixio View Post
Unbeatable Flame would make a pokemon trainer run outta breath in the anime:
Unbeatable Flame, Flamethrower.
Unbeatable Flame, Sky Uppercut.
Unbeatable Flame, this.
Unbeatable Flame, that.
Un*pant*beatable---Flame, hooollaaa
Un-un-un-un--bea-bee....*Pokemon trainer fainted*